Wireless Charging for Humans

How to Use KühlerTM

  1. Hold the device in your hand
  2. Turn on the device for optimized cooling
  3. Stay Kühler. Perform Better.


You can use Kühler any time it is accessible. Optimal times for core body temperature cooling include pre-workout, mid-workout, and post-workout. Examples include at the gym in between sets, in-game breaks (dugout, sidelines, bench), or during extended cardio such as running. It can also be a helpful tool to reduce core temperature before bed or following exposure to hot environments.

Essentially, you can use Kühler anytime.

Kühler was designed to be lightweight, small, and truly portable. Without the need for water or ice, you can take and use Kühler anywhere. At home, at the game, at the arena, in the classroom, or in the woods on hike, anywhere you can go, Kühler can go too.

For optimal results, we recommend having two devices, one for each hand. By increasing the duration and contact with the device, the total core body cooling capacity will increase, thereby improving the rate and volume of heat dissipation from the body. However, one device is sufficient for significant performance enhancements and recovery.

The Kuhler device will continue to increase the rate of heat dissipation with the fans turned off, however we strongly recommend that the fans remain turned on during use. The air flow generated by the fans increase the rate of convective heat transfer, which is critical to optimizing heat transfer from your body into the ambient environment.

The glabrous skin of the body is extremely sensitive to temperature changes. To protect against excessive heat loss and hypothermia, blood vessels that travel to the palms and fingers are restricted at cold temperatures, a process referred to as vasoconstriction. Research has shown that water as cold as 21.5°C (70.7°F) can result in significantly decreased blood flow. Therefore, cold water or ice will result in the counterintuitive outcome of reduced blood flow to the glabrous skin, and therefore reduced core temperature cooling.

Kühler was designed to function optimally at room temperature, therefore preventing vasoconstriction while maximizing the rate of heat transfer using an aluminum surface with high thermal conductivity and a heatsink design for maximized convective cooling. With skin temperature typically ranging between 31-33°C (87.8-91.4°F), the temperature gradient is large enough for significant heat transfer.

We agree, it seems too good to be true… UNTIL you have tried it.

What is unique about Kühler is that it directly augments the root cause of physiological failure – elevated core temperature. All biological systems (including plants and animals) are regulated by temperature. Furthermore, all living organisms can be characterized by their ability to consume, convert, and utilize energy. Bounded by the laws of thermodynamics and entropy, excess heat released in all energy conversion processes are a consequence of life. Humans are no exception, and when exercising, excess heat production overwhelms the body and threatens the health of cells and physiological systems. Therefore, taking a 1st principles perspective rooted in physics, thermal energy is arguably the most important variable in human health and performance.

By enhancing the thermal transfer rate and cooling the body, Kühler is DIRECTLY modifying the conditions that regulate all physiological activity, including endurance, power output, and recovery. Although we love alternative technologies such as massage guns, compression boots, and wearable devices, among various other tools, they are limited in their ability to immediately augment the conditions that are required for elite performance. If you want the best return on your investment, look no further than core temperature cooling. If you want to be the best, get Kühler.

Kühler improves training capacity and recovery time in a fatigued state