Temperature warning

When you exercise, your body overheats and performance rapidly declines.

palmar cooling snowflake and hand

Stanford researchers discovered that palmar cooling reverses this effect.


KühlerTM keeps you cooler, longer.
No ice, no water, no effort.


Train harder. Recover Faster. Get Kühler.

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Every Athlete’s Kryptonite
Elevated core temperature is one of the most significant limiters of athletic performance: physical and cognitive. Core body temperature rises quickly, meanwhile heat dissipation is slow, delayed, and inefficient.
The World’s First Handheld Human Heat Sink
The patent-pending KühlerTM device maximizes core temperature cooling.
No ice, no water, no effort.
Kühler improves training capacity and recovery time in a fatigued state



Kuhler Technologies’ mission is to increase human performance capacity by developing effective, effortless, and portable personal cooling technology.


From fighter pilots to athletes to Ph.D. scientists, Kuhler Technologies was founded and is operated by mission-driven competitors who are obsessed with excellence.

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