Kuhler Technologies’ mission is to increase human performance capacity by developing effective, effortless, and portable personal cooling technology.


Our fundamental objective is to elevate human potential, individually and collectively. By empowering individuals to reach their maximum potential, we are simultaneously supporting the collective advancement of humanity. Transforming society and transforming a single life are synonymous. 

Guiding Principles

Three guiding principles are at the root of our technology and product development:

  1. Energy is life; protect and optimize energy at all costs.
  2. Simplify the complex; physiology is complicated, reason from first principles.
  3. Be ruthlessly empathetic; the customer IS the business.


Our flagship product, KühlerTM, is a hand-held human heatsink that enhances physiological thermoregulation to optimize core body temperature and increase human performance capabilities. This innovative technology addresses the most significant limiter of human health and performance: elevated core temperature (heat stress).


From fighter pilots to athletes to Ph.D. scientists, Kuhler Technologies is operated by mission-driven competitors who are obsessed with excellence.